Salkım manufactures the most complete family of dampening covers for most any press application. From the high tech synthetics to the ever popular, economical pure cotton knit covers, velvet dampener covers, linen dampener covers, colored dampener covers, stitched (Unshaved) dampener covers, stitchless dampener covers.
        The first Salkım cover was VELVET. Even today original Velvet is still produced with its increasing popularity. The cotton is specially treated for absorbency and the knitting is done under Watchful Eyes. Velvet has been delivering uniform amounts of water to the plate for both form and ductor positions. Salkım's one of the growing category of dampening covers are synthetic covers. Its increasing popularity is due to their performances on press. Specifically, their uniqe design offers better water control; not too much and not too little. The result is a sharper dot and fewer problems for the press operator .

  The latest covers are shrinkable covers for best results. No problem for press operator. No need to sewing the cover , best water control, no dust while pressing,high press quality, easy fit to the dampener. Shrinkable Family.
Buying the quality cheaply since 1960.